How Should I Film My Swing?
Please send at least two videos of your swing from “Face On” and “Down Target Line” perspectives. Use a Tri-pod or have a friend position/hold the camera about waist high. Your “Face On” video should be recorded perpendicular to the target line with the camera aiming directly at the center of your body. Your “Down Target Line” video should be recorded with the camera aimed on a line directly between the ball and your feet. Unreasonable camera angles make it difficult to accurately review your swing, so please do your best to follow these guidelines.

When Do I Receive My Analysis?
Once your swing videos are received, we’ll return your video analysis and lesson plan within 5 business days.

How Do I Communicate Questions and Feedback?
Following receipt of the completed analysis of your swing, spend time working on your lesson plan. Once you’ve had the opportunity to experience training with the new information, connect with us on the app recommended with questions and follow-up review.