An accomplished coach, author and speaker, Thai-American ‘Black Hat’ Tony Meechai got his nickname due to his love for magicians, especially David Copperfield. And, he picked the same black straw hat his childhood golfing idol, Greg Norman, wore during many of his tournament wins!


The Black Hat Coaching Philosophy is to lead you on a path that makes you better than before. Period. Same as in life, you want to strive to be better each living day. It feels good and it is healthy overall. And, the process shouldn’t be that complicated, but it takes willpower and discipline!

Each student shares with us their goals and it’s our duty to guide them through a simple training program that will elevate their golf skill levels and educate him or her on the process of achieving their goals.

Our Coaching Philosophy uses Easy to Understand Golf Knowledge, Motivational Efforts, Communication Skills, Personal Energy & Enthusiasm, Presence of Self-Confidence, and Fast Diagnosis of the student's overall golf game and provides a solution. The learning process must ensure a fast and solid pathway to improvement!

Here is what we are all about:

We believe that we are teaching individual people to play golf and enjoy themselves!

We believe no two people are the same, hence, no single teaching method is appropriate for everyone.

We believe that giving a golf lesson is a privilege and we enjoy coaching people to better their golf skills.

We believe in YOU!


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