By understanding the notion that most magic is quite simple, he was able to apply the same concept to golf, really stripping down all of the unnecessary details and seeing it for what it really is. The sensation of swinging the club, hitting the ball and watching it glide into the hole was truly magical. The legendary Manuel De la Torre was the world’s most renowned expert on the Club-Focused Approach (CFI) approach to instruction, developed almost 100 years ago by World Golf Hall of Fame instructor, Ernest Jones. Over more than 50 years, he further enhanced and refined this system, and in the process attracted Black Hat’s founder Tony Meechai who for the past 25 years has been an advocate, disciple, and practitioner of his methods. ​​​​​

Seeking a way to simplify golf as a means to grow the game, Meechai found that the CFI Approach accomplishes two critical objectives better than any alternative system then or now: 

  • it de-mystified the golf swing making it easy to understand and  
  • it simplified the golf swing making it easy for players to experience improvement. 

The CFI approach to golf instruction is straightforward: 

  • Golf is a game of sending the ball to a target. 
  • The club is solely responsible for controlling the ball. 

Instruction focuses on teaching the golfer how to use the club to control the ball.

The Black Hat Golf system is effective and delivers significant game improvement results almost immediately, making better golf a very accessible goal for almost any player. Besides the standard training programs, Black Hat Golf also offers programs to accredited applicants who would like to learn this method of instruction. 

Accreditation in the Club-Focused Instruction System are offered exclusively by Black Hat Golf to a limited number of Teaching Professionals with instruction provided exclusively by ‘Black Hat’ Tony Meechai.