The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the greatest golf destinations in the world. It has a rich history of golf dating back to the Reign of King Rama V over a century ago. Thai golfers have become a regular on the world professional tours and the popularity with the next generation keeps deepening.

With superb golf courses, top-quality accommodation, reasonable prices and world-class coaching, Thailand has simply become the preferred place in Asia to learn and improve one’s golf game!

Black Hat selects and works with some of the finest people and companies servicing the golf industry in Thailand and is proud to call these people our partners. And, having ‘golfing partners’ makes the golf experience even more enjoyable!

As the industry evolves, we will continue to add more golfing ‘partners’ to the list of people and companies that we are proud to endorse.

These include:






Lotus Valley Golf Resort is part of the Black Hat Golf community of partners. Voted Best Value Golf Club in Asia, Lotus Valley Golf Resort shares the same values and commitment to the game of golf, has a proven reputation for treating all members, guests and staff with respect and is a very compelling and memorable golf experience for our golf students, members, and golf professionals!

Nestled amongst the enchanting hills 55 minutes north of Bangkok, the Gary Player redesign Lotus Valley Golf Resort, is not only a spectacular 18-hole golf course, but it’s also the ultimate golf learning environment. As a Black Hat Golf recognized partner training facility, Lotus Valley Golf Resort has re-opened to rave reviews and has gained in popularity for those wanting to take the journey from Bangkok to the resort. The golf course continues to mature, offers a memorable challenge and is in great condition. The complementary countryside atmosphere adds to the pleasure of playing and training. The clubhouse and facilities are first class and the golf course is very playable for golfers of all skill levels. This also makes for a good addition to an extended golf holiday in Thailand. Lotus Valley's creative layout is a perfect balance of long-established golf challenge, modern golf course preparation and quality maintenance. Lotus Valley offers all golfers the chance to experience all that is celebrated about luxurious boutique golf.

Training programs are available for adults and juniors, including private and group coaching, ½ day golf schools, corporate workshops, plus monthly ‘membership’ based player development initiatives. You’ll enjoy a game changing training experience anytime of the year!





A 5-star premium golf driving range like no other in Thailand. It is centrally located 30 minutes from downtown Bangkok.

Phothalai Golf Park is an integral part of Phothalai Leisure Park with services ranging from wellness and longevity, meeting and banquets and weddings. The Phothalai Golf Park is an impressive training complex with a 5-Star facilities and service, a modern state-of-the-art fitness center, and over 80 hitting bays including 14 Bays with Trackman technology. As an honorary member and brand ambassador of their unique facility, Black Hat Tony Meechai is privileged to be a part of this unique partner facility. The location is ideal for conducting Black Hat Golf Workshops and Personalized Coaching programs.





Nuan Chan Is a name of a local Thai fish and in Bangkok it’s the name of a popular street that spawns nice fields in a suburban community of Bangkok. Nuan Chan Driving Range is a classic practice facility that has catered to many Thai professionals and has been a training ground for many junior golfers of all ages. The Nuan Chan Driving Range restaurant serves tasty local Thai food and along with its many golf shops, it’s the ideal place to really focus on game improvement. The facility has two floors and a practice putting green. Black Hat Golf Ambassadors have used this historic facility to grind and focus on improvement.