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standard learning programs

At Black Hat Golf, we understand that your game improvement is a journey, not a destination.  And, many golfers are accustomed to coaching sessions one at a time which allows the golfer to practice on his own. The Standard Learning Programs are catered for golfers with a busy schedule and prefer one-on-one session with a Black Hat Golf Instructor. Usually, these sessions are held at in a driving range type setting depending upon the student’s needs.  For best results package sessions are scheduled over a period of three (3) months to allow for practice and mastery in between sessions. 

Our proven Multi-Disciplined Platform Curriculum based programs can be adapted in many ways to suit the specific requirements for any level of golfer-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our certified Black Hat Golf instructors can customize the golf lesson to target areas of improvement that are specific to your golf game.

Using The Multi-Discipline Platform (MDP) Curriculum, the certified Black Hat Golf instructors  are available for private booking for classes from one on one to up to three (3) adult students or four (4) junior students.  These lessons are booked with the instructor and staff at a scheduled time that is suitable for both the student(s) and the golf instructor.

Group Classes are designed for the new golfer or for golfers who wish to learn with others.  Group Classes are on a fixed schedule. Group Classes are well received because students find the learning environment more enjoyable.  

Training Program Packages Available:

Assessment/Clinic/Tune-up (1 Session)
For golfers who wish to focus on one part of their game and/or have limited time. An Assessment is an evaluation of the current status of the student’s golf skills.

5 Sessions 
Highly recommended for Intermediated and Advance golfers. With five sessions, the instructor will communicate solid principles and simple exercises to better your golf game. This package is a great opportunity for a golfer to improve each part of their game.

10 Sessions
The most popular learning course offered which covers every aspect of the golf swing and the swinging motion. With ten sessions, the student will be able to make sure their swing improvements last.

Note: VIP Individualized Education Program (IEP) and VIP Mini-Boot Camps are available by application request only. These elite programs are for aspiring junior and professional players and require player assessment evaluation and approval by Director of Instruction.