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Developed and directed by Tony ‘Black Hat’ Meechai, himself, the popular GOLF SCHOOL learning programs features the Multi-Disciplinary Platform (MDP) Curriculum.  These consecutive day learning programs is an excellent opportunity to "Experience the Magic of Golf!”  The programs provide the ideal structure for learning and enjoyment in an enjoyable setting conducive for learning.  The golf school sessions are scheduled throughout the year. 

These programs have been developed to cater both the golfing tourist vacationer and aspiring junior players.

Programs Packages Available:

Half-Day Golf School – “Fundamentals First”

The HALF-DAY “Fundamentals First” golf school is perfect for the intermediate/advance player to spend time reviewing and perfecting their golf game in a short period of time.  Game improvement will happen quickly in this quick learning program and allow golfers to continue their proficiency even after the program has concluded.

1-Day Golf School – “Back to Basics”

The comprehensive One-Day program consists of a proven method that allows the golfer to reach their goals and strive for perfection in their golf game!  The golf school setting allows the golfer to learn the fundamentals of The Multi-Discipline Platform Curriculum.  The results are immediate, thus inspiring the golfer to continue to improve and strive for perfection!  Over a half-day or full-day schedule, golfers will experience unique teaching and coaching methods that have made The Multi-Discipline Platform Curriculum very successful for both amateur and professional players.

2-Day Golf School –“Understanding Your Swing”

The popular 2-Day “Understanding Your Swing” Golf School program is designed for new and experienced golfers with a limited time schedule or would like to experience golf improvement over the weekend!  This quality short program allows the golfer to understand the fundamentals and apply it right away. Golfers will ‘Experience the Magic of Golf!’ with the proven Multi-Discipline Platform (MDP) Curriculum, which has improved both amateurs and professional players.