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At Black Hat, the coaching philosophy is very simple and based on Club-Focused Instruction principle.  The approach is for the golfer to have a trust for their swing so that it produces a controllable ball flight!

This is a new dawn in golf teaching and player performance. Our method is focused on getting you to have a better understanding of your swing and embracing 'simplicity' for the process of your game improvement.

The days of intense video and position coaching are long gone. Like PGA Tour players using Trackman and other training technology, they are focused on their club path, club-face position and angle of attack because if you are aware of these factors and understand how to improve, your game will reach new heights!  It's prioritizing and being focused on the golf club.

When students complete their training they should be able to say three things:

  1. “My understanding of my golf swing has never been better!” 
  2. “It’s not only better, it’s much simpler and repeatable!” “When I don’t hit it like I want, I know exactly why and what to do about

“Every swing is the result of a thought. Focus on the correct thoughts to improve!”

The Club-Focused Golf Instruction Approach has been very successful with many students from around the world because it simply works!

Swing Concepts

  • The golf swing is a motion and should always be thought of and practiced as such. 
  • Every swing is the same, and each swing has the same goal in mind: Swing the golf club in the direction of the target. (So a putt should be treated no differently than a drive). 
  • Consciously, you learn to control your thoughts. Unconsciously, your brain learns to build a corresponding habit. (This is what makes it difficult to be proficient in your swing changes right away. That’s ok, because once you build the habit it will be tough to break!) 
  • Improvement will result from repeatedly thinking effective thoughts. When practicing at the range, spend just as much time focusing as you do on hitting. Remember, beating balls without having a purpose isn’t practicing, it’s just exercise. 
  • Wrong can be a thousand things, right can only be one. Focus on the right. When something goes wrong, it only means you didn’t do what you were supposed to do…so get back to it!!


  • The key to putting is setting up “in balance” with the target (body lined up parallel left of the target line, and the face of the putter at a right angle with your body line), and having the correct image of what you want the ball to do. 
  • If you spend the majority of your time focusing on where you want the ball to go, how you make that happen will naturally come. In other words, don’t focus so much on how you are moving your putter, instead think about where you want to send the ball rolling. 
  • Set up from the center (To find your center simply grip the club and extend your arms), if you prefer to have the ball forward in the stance you must shift your center forward. 
  • Hold the club so your arms are hanging naturally, remember your eyes should be just inside of the ball. Try laying a CD/DVD upside down on the ground and place a ball in the hole. When you set up to the ball you should be able to see yourself in the lens of the CD. If you are, your eyes are lined properly, if you aren’t, chances are you’re too far from the ball. 
  • Making a putt is a result. Results are out of your control. Don’t waste your thoughts on things you can’t control, it just puts pressure on your game. If you produce a putt with the correct speed and the right direction, the result will take care of itself! 
  • Do not be conscious of how far back you swing the club. Just as tossing a ball you are unaware of how much your arms swing back. Our mind is wired so when we picture something going to an intended target, we are just able to produce the amount of swing to make it happen. Of course, the more you practice the more that will hold true.


  • The set up is the same as putting 
  • The golf club should always be moving in the same direction at the same time. If it doesn’t, you are levering the club and that is very difficult to execute consistently. 
  • Chip with many different clubs depending on your distance to the hole. Most people only chip with their sand wedge. 
  • Practice setting up correctly. A right handed golfer will always have the tendency to set up to the right of the target. You have to practice being square and in balance.


  • As mentioned, the full swing is the same as the shorter swings. The only difference is the length of the swing. 
  • You shouldn’t try to swing harder on any shot. The length of your swing will increase the speed of your club. Most golfers swing harder with longer clubs, which is why they can’t hit them straight. Let the length and loft of the club do the work!! 
  • Remember your hands should maintain equal grip pressure throughout the entire golf swing. 
  • Deliver the golf club back to the ball so that the “entire” golf club meets the ball at the same time. (The goal of a swing is to deliver the club in the same spot it was at address). 
  • It’s not enough to just think about how you want to swing the club. You have to also see yourself doing it, while you are doing it. 
  • As you practice swinging the club correctly the “picture” will become clearer. It will take time to develop, but don’t let that deter you from thinking the right thoughts. 
  • Your body moves a great deal while you swing. Be aware that in the golf swing there are things we make happen, and things we allow to happen. We allow the body to move so that the club can be swung correctly. Don’t get back in the habit of worrying about where/how your body is moving. Correct body movements don’t guarantee that the club will meet the ball properly. Correct club movement does guarantee that the club will meet the ball correctly. (Can you improve your golf game by focusing on your body? Absolutely, but it’s not the simplest and most efficient way to make the club move. Golf is already complicated, don’t make it any more complicated than it already is!